Current Status

Saskatchewan Polytechnic experienced a cybersecurity incident in late October, 2020, which disrupted our operating systems. IT Services  continues to resume services in a secure manner. This cautious, phased approach is proving successful with the majority of student services now available. There are still some exceptions and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding. provides information specifically related to the cybersecurity incident. is available for students, prospective students and other interested parties. Some functions are not yet available. As functions are restored, they are visible and accessible.

Visit the Access to Learning & Services tab for the most current list of operating platforms and services. FAQs are also regularly updated.


  • Jan

    General update

    Posted at 9:15AM

    Saskatchewan Polytechnic is focusing on restoring registration and application systems which are currently unavailable due to the cybersecurity incident. An update on the current status of the registration and application system will be posted here on or before Friday, January 8, 2021.

    For those wanting to take courses through the School of Continuing Education, there will be additional course offerings where there is high demand and some courses will be offered with a later start date.

    Other remediation work has progressed. Letters are being emailed for processed applications. If you are expecting a letter, and have not received it, check your email spam folder or your mysaskpolytech account. You can also check the status of an application made before October 30, 2020 by emailing the campus at which you intend to study for assistance. 

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.