Current Status

Saskatchewan Polytechnic experienced a cybersecurity incident in late October, 2020, which disrupted our operating systems. IT Services  continues to resume services in a secure manner. This cautious, phased approach is proving successful with the majority of student services now available. There are still some exceptions and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding. provides information specifically related to the cybersecurity incident. is available for students, prospective students and other interested parties. Some functions are not yet available. As functions are restored, they are visible and accessible.

Visit the Access to Learning & Services tab for the most current list of operating platforms and services. FAQs are also regularly updated.

Employee FAQs

General Info

Due to the posting functionality of, the newest FAQs are at the bottom of this page. As new information is added to existing FAQs, the date is included (UPDATED). Use this marker to more easily identify any new information. is now back up with limited functionality. If you need information related to COVID-19 protocols, please visit

Employee-only information is available on the campusupdate Employee Resources site.

What is Sask Polytech doing to minimize the extent of the impact?

UPDATED (Feb 10) The institute is making progress securely resuming services in order of priority. New safety measures have been implemented for students and employees, including a system-wide reset for passwords and two-factor authentication. Sask Polytech requires students and employees to re-authenticate every seven days. Adaptive, next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection and response software has been installed on employee computers. Sask Polytech will continue to prioritize online security.

How will I be notified of updates impacting students or my classes?
  • Continue to check for updates.  This will be your most up-to-date source of information.  Check frequently for updates.

  • Information may be communicated there, or directly by your OOS supervisor.

I have industry partners contacting me and I don’t know what to tell them. What should I say?

UPDATED (Jan 22) Please direct all inquiries or external communication requests to your Associate Dean.  This will ensure consistent communications for our partners.  This includes regional college contacts, PAC members, SATCC, health region representative and so forth.

Is my personal information secure?

UPDATED (Feb 10) Our investigation has found no evidence of any personal information having been compromised.

Is my banking information secure?

UPDATED (Feb 10) Our investigation has found no evidence of any personal information having been compromised.

Should I change my online passwords?

UPDATED (Feb 10) Our investigation has found no evidence of any personal information having been compromised. You may choose to change your passwords as a precaution. 

(Nov 6) Why is Sask Polytech doing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

(UPDATED Nov 27) MFA is the industry leading, IT security method for protecting organizations. It limits the access or entry points that someone could have and in turn impact our systems. This is now mandatory in our attempt to prevent any further incidents.

Find answers to questions about multi-factor authentication here.

(Nov 6) I still have to use my old password to log in to my device

This is a known issue that is dependent on other IT services being restored. For the time being you will use your old password to log into the device and the new password for Sask Polytech services.

(Dec 24) The service I’m looking for is not available on as it used to be. Where is it? What should I do?

Work to resume services on is ongoing. As functionality is resumed for specific aspects, these areas will be visible and accessible. Please continue to check back. Thank you for your patience.